Poetry and Dream

Making Traces

  • Tate Modern : Display Magda Cordell and Lee Bul

    Open daily

    Magda Cordell and Lee Bul each find different ways of investigating the trace of the body. Cordell opens the body to energetic scrutiny, where Bul’s constructed wearable sculpture takes the body to new and fantastical extremes

  • Tate Modern : Display Trace

    Open daily

    This display explores traces of the body through the concern of being an existential ‘being in the world’, a heightened awareness of the separateness of experience. Some artists express the physical action of traces through leaving marks on the canvas as a sign of the artist’s presence

  • Tate Modern : Display Piero Manzoni, 'Achrome' 1958 Monochromes

    Open daily

    This room brings together abstract paintings from the mid to late 1950s, in which the use of a single colour allows a greater emphasis on the physical process of making

  • Tate Modern : Display Mark Rothko, 'Black on Maroon' 1958 Mark Rothko

    Open daily

    Mark Rothko saw the Seagram series as objects of contemplation. They are installed in the space as the artist intended, in reduced light and in a compact space, the subtlety of the layered surfaces slowly emerges, revealing their solemn and meditative character

  • Tate Modern : Display Rebecca Horn, 'Cockfeather Mask' 1973 Rebecca Horn

    Open daily

    Rebecca Horn’s early work focussed on the limits and possibilities of human anatomy. She has returned to the subject in a recent series of drawings whose mark-making echoes the scale and movements of her own body

  • Tate Modern : Display Albert Oehlen, 'Loa' 2007 Painting after Technology

    Open daily

    This display brings together a selection of paintings from the last decade or so, reflecting on the process of mark-making in a period of radical technological change. Many of these artists are also concerned with working within or against the established traditions of abstraction

  • Tate Modern : Display Jacques Mahé de la Villeglé, 'Jazzmen' 1961 Torn Papers and Walls Paper

    Open daily

    This room brings together three approaches to abstract art that draw upon the material traces of the modern city. The artists in this display have all embedded their art in the materials and structures of the city, an urban fabric of rips, gouges and ruins

  • Tate Modern : Display Sam Francis, 'Around the Blues' 1957/62 Sam Francis and Brett Weston

    Open daily

    Two American artists working in different media, painter Sam Francis and photographer Brett Weston each explored the relationship between landscape and abstraction. Weston looked for abstraction in the everyday landscape, whereas Francis explored colour and mark-making on a large scale

  • Tate Modern : Display Gerhard Richter

    Open daily

    The six paintings in this room were conceived by Gerhard Richter as a coherent group, named after the American avant-garde composer John Cage. Like his earlier squeegee abstractions, the Cage paintings are the outcome of several layers of painting and erasure

Energy and Process

Structure and Clarity

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