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  • Nástio Mosquito, Three Continents 2010
    Nástio Mosquito
    Three Continents 2010
  • Nii Obodai Mud House Wall 2009
    Nii Obodai
    Mud House Wall, from the series Who Knows Tomorrow 2009
  • Lucas Grandin Le Jardin Sonore de Bonamouti 2010
    Lucas Grandin
    Le Jardin Sonore de Bonamouti 2010
  • Jelili Atiku Nigerian Fetish 2012
    Jelili Atiku
    Nigerian Fetish 2012
    Performance in Ejigbo, Lagos, Nigeria

Across the board is a  two year extended project sponsored by Guaranty Trust Bank Plc

The project invites local and international audiences to engage with artists, curators and scholars, exploring current cultural and artistic production in Africa, through a series of events. Presenting various narratives of art making and knowledge production, contributors will address questions around the status of contemporary African art as a field of cultural production.

Across the board will take place in London (United Kingdom), Accra (Ghana), Douala (Cameroon), and Lagos (Nigeria) and will raise questions on politics of representation, institution building, public space/public sphere, and interdisciplinary practices.

Events in this series

Saturday 24 November 2012
Thursday 21 February Saturday 23 February 2013
December 2013, dates to be confirmed
Friday 18 April, 10.30–19.00