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Where and when is the live?

What can institutions and the public create together through performance?

How do we understand liveness in the digital arena?

What does the future of performance look like?

Talks is a new series of four public events that complements the BMW Tate Live Performance Room and Performance Events series, examining ideas and concepts around performance and notions of liveness. Offering a critical and engaging look at the themes explored by the artists taking part in BMW Tate Live 2014, Talks invites the public to join in discussion with practitioners, theorists and experts to consider the social and cultural context of performance today. Talks looks at how our current understanding of liveness is informed by the power of the physical and virtual spaces where performances take place. These interdisciplinary events pose key questions about the temporality, narratives, politics and process of creating live performance in relation to an audience. Bringing together perspectives from art practice, theory, theatre, social science, digital design and beyond, through a series of discussions, conversations and open workshops, Talks interrogates the space between live and mediated experiences of performance.

Events in this series

Thursday 10 April 2014, 18.3020.30
Monday 29 September 2014, 18.3020.30
Monday 1 December 2014, 18.3020.30