Doris Salcedo Shibboleth 2008 installation view
Doris Salcedo
Shibboleth 2008

Ahead of the G8 summit in June, this major series of events brings together leading international figures from politics, business, academia and the arts to debate the movement of people, resources, cultural artefacts and capital across borders, and the challenges of economic and environmental sustainability. The forum will also ask: Is the G8 an anachronism? How could the world be better governed? The experience of South Africa as the balance of power shifts will provide a focus for the discussions.

Curated by Zamyn in partnership with Accenture, Africa Progress Panel, Barclays, Penguin Books, SOAS, University of London and Tate.

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Events in this series

Wednesday 29 May 2013, 19.0021.00
Monday 3 June 2013, 19.0021.00
Tuesday 4 June 2013, 19.0021.00
Wednesday 5 June 2013, 18.3019.30
Thursday 6 June 2013, 19.0021.00
Friday 7 June 2013, 19.0021.00
Monday 10 June 2013, 19.0021.00
Wednesday 12 June 2013, 19.0021.00