Room 3

Ellen Gallagher Murmur 2003–4 (Monster)

Ellen Gallagher and Edgar Cleijne
Murmur 2003–4 (Monster)

© Ellen Gallagher and Edgar Cleijne

Murmur 2003–4 is a sequence of five 16 mm projections made in collaboration with the Dutch artist Edgar Cleijne, including stop-motion animation using paper cut-outs and plasticine, digital imagery and scratches into found footage. Positioned just outside as a coda is Super Boo, a Jim Kelly/Bruce Lee fantasy inspired by Enter the Dragon, accompanied by a looping sample of Javanese gamelan music.

Murmur is a singular entity made up of several parts that have the properties of expressive phrasing rather than a narrative structure. Themes of mutation and adaptation occur throughout. Monster appropriates scenes from a 1950s B-movie about alien abduction. In Kabuki, Blizzard of White and Watery Ecstatic, Gallagher and Cleijne envisage a Black Atlantis where human and marine life merge at the ocean floor, inhabited by microsopic creatures viewed as if enlarged under a magnifying glass.