Since the Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs exhibition opened there have been some wonderful reviews in the press, but we would like to hear what you think

  • Assistant Curator Flavia Frigeri with The Dragon, in Room 2 of Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs at Tate Modern
    Assistant Curator Flavia Frigeri with The Dragon, in Room 2 of Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs at Tate Modern

If you have visited the show, what was it like seeing these vibrant, colourful cut-outs in person?

Were you impressed by Matisse’s bold use of colour? Were you inspired by the scale and ambition of the work?

As one of the curators of Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs I hope you enjoyed viewing the final chapter in Matisse’s career, and I look forward to hearing what you thought about the exhibition.
Flavia Frigeri, Tate Curator

Let us know what you think of our Matisse show by leaving a comment below.


I loved the exhibition! Such a wonderful, vibrant treat for Summer. It is incredibly moving that Matisse created these works in the final years of his life!
Yes we loved it, have seen lots of H. Matisse exhibition but never one with cut-outs, what a great idea! Well done!
Room 5 is one of the most visually interesting “hangings” I’ve ever seen at the Tate, quite breath-taking
Sublime!! Defies description! Even though I thought I knew what to expect, the experience was beyond expectation. Incredible that a person could have produced such innovative work so late in life, after a such a grave illness. Tate is to be congratulated not only for the show - but also for the crowd control which could have been a disaster on a Bank Holiday - Instead it was also a joy to watch the children relate to Matisse's vision.
A fantastic experience. Such vivid colours and movement. Incredible to think of the background to Matisse adopting this approach. Really glad we managed to catch it and would recommend it (and Tate membership) to anyone!
The exhibition was well presented and laid out. As you would expect from the Tate. They have been expertly curated and it is possible to get very close to the are and see in very good detail how he created these works in the last years of his life. One thing that strikes you is the fact that these works were, to some extend, created for the artist himself and were not always intended to be displayed beyond his home. The exhibition is super crowded and it can be quite claustrophobic. They are strict on entry times but the number are not that limited. this makes the first few rooms a real bun fight. If you arrive early and are not a fan of modern art don't make the mistake we did and visit the other floors. They contain some utterly pompous descriptions of over indulgent pieces that may make you wish you had not ventured in. Each to their own. It would be an amazing space to display some fine art.
Beautiful exhibition, I've seen it twice already with many times to come I'm sure. As everyone I find it very inspiring, original, bold and definitely a must go. A spa appointment for the soul (if you manage to keep calm in the crowds ;)
Wow! I really loved the sheer scale and vibrant colours. A very well organised exhibition with each room revealing something new. Thoroughly enjoyed my visit and will certainly be visiting again. Would like to visit Monday's teacher event but unfortunately I cannot make it :o( Would be great if you could do another one!
I loved the exhibition - there was such a sense of joy to it. I particularly liked the fact that when Matisse was covering his studio wall with cut-outs, he didn't glue them completely down so that when a breeze went through the room, it was as if the wall were alive with movement and the sound of rustling. Playful!
I loved the collection, bright, vibrant and full of energy, a little odd to marvel at cut outs but hey it is Matisse!

A bit crowded and frustrating to gave to be part of this crowd but worth it to have seen
The best exhibition I have seen for a long time. His use of colour was mesmerising. The sheer scale of some of Matisse's work was breathtaking which coupled with the more intimate portraits moved me immensely. It is an exhibition filled with joy.
A well laid out exhibition with enough to beguile and draw you around the rooms in awe and wonder. There is something tremendously satisfying and human in the tremor of the hand and the irregularity of a slightly jagged cut line made undeniably by hand contrasted with this unfortunate septic regular Photoshop/Illustrator world that we live in now.

Very crowded in part though and this may hamper your experience.

While the crowds give a sense of anticipation and a buzz a quieter viewing may be better for appreciating some aspects of the show.

What the exhibition will succeed in doing is in bringing visitors who don't normally come to Tate to Tate which is a good and bad thing and while will need extra vigilance from security teams.
Inspirational, despite age and physical issues, Matisse shows us all that creativity, bon vivre and fun is not a function of age. I also loved seeing the multiple drawn outlines and the pins in the canvas. What looks so simple is actually the result of much hard work, experimentation and deliberation. Magical and brilliant, I'm going to go again.
an inspiring exhibition, really well organised. A joy to the eye with a lot of interesting information. Would recommend it to all lovers of modern art!
I specifically came to the exhibition because I have studied Matisse as part of the Art scheme of work in school. The children can successfully produce work in the style of Matisse using similar striking colours etc. and feel that they have achieved something. However, I was disappointed in the fact that I couldn't take photographs. I wanted to show the scale of the pictures to the children. Luckily, I have photographs of Polynesie La Ciel and La Mer with an adult standing by the side which I took in the Louvre. I would have liked to show the same of La Perruche et la Sirène.
Joyful & uplifting . My other half enjoyed it too & he's not usually that interested. Glad Tate has added early openings for members at weekends . These should be very helpful as the evening view last night was very busy . I shall certainly be back .
We loved it and will come again and spend longer - it's a great show and I kept marvelling at the feat of hanging the work. Fantastic to see the cutouts together like this and the shots of Matisse at work. All inspiring, the colour, the scale, the energy and being able to get up close and see how he did it.
Our reason for the first visit was to show one of the granddaughters the 'real' blue nude which she has grown up with on the wall at home. She was delighted to see the others and mark the differences and loved all the colourful works.
For me the wonder was that no matter how decorative the works were, they are always also great works of art. Imagine turning down one of his designs for your house and imagine him just doing another. What an artist, what a man.
I am going to cover some damp patches with cutouts too...
One of the most interesting exhibitions I have ever visited. Colourful, unique with such an inspiration for life. My two daughters, 6 and 8 years old, loved it. Unforgettable!
What an uplifting exhibition! The colour was wonderful and I finally came to really understand the extraordinary creative precision and care that went into these works. The balance of the strength of colours and the exact placement create a group of works full of movement and life. Heavenly!!
The show was fantastic - I loved the vibrant colours and the simple shapes which were obviously the culmination of a long artistic journey. Through it all the indomitable spirit of Matisse came through; it was inspiring to see how he managed to create masterpieces right till the very end. The multimedia guide, the films and the accompanying descriptions of each work played a crucial role in making this exhibition unforgettable.
Our children, aged 8 and 4, really enjoyed the visit and both have expressed an opinion to visit again before the exhibition closes in September. Their favourite was "The Snail".
The exhibition was far too crowded and queuing to get in, despite having a pre-purchased ticket, made me feel like a herded animal. Apart from the blue nudes that showed some skill and talent, most of the rest looked like wallpaper designs. They were obviously enjoyable distractions for Matisse to fiddle about with in his later years but hardly worthy of such mighty adulation.
I was blown away by the show. It was extremely well curated and for such a collection of the artists most seminal works it was astonishing, mind blowing and a holy experience. The exhibition accentuates the power. and beauty of the work of Matisse's last and most soul bearing works. It was an intense experience. The layout of the book ' Jazz ' was an insipid idea which gave huge insight into Matisse as an Artist and personality working with a new medium and his political poetry which alludes to the pointlessness of war. I hope that visitors who give this show some time and reverence will realise the magnitude of his visual poetry and power as a visual artist creating future works through his incapacity to paint at this point in his career. I was only disappointed in the lack of reverence shown amongst the visitors. We should have entered and left the space on bended knee Moved to tears on seeing the soul of an artist so in touch with beauty
I’m not a big fan of the cutouts. I like them as I would like a nice wallpaper or an attractive window display - but great art – I think not. The show didn't change my mind but I shall go again now that my expectations are more realistic and maybe I'll be swayed!

But yes, no doubt a money-spinner for the Tate - so thanks HM :-)
Bring Your Sunglasses! The Rooms are Awash With Colour That pulsate.
This an Revelation
Different in many Ways to Rothko they both elicit religious responses from the viewer
It's Still baffles why it has taken the Art world so long to acknowledge Matisse as possible The Greatest Artist of The 20th Century. Maybe not as Flash or Charismatic as Picasso but his equal easily.
This Has been easily My Favorite Exhibition of the last Ten Yrs. am Surprised I was looking forward to it,but Matisse has never been my Favorite but after this I'm looking at him afresh
Warning You need at least three hours to absorb this Mammoth display It's not Just about his Mastery of Colour this Man could draw like the masters of old.
A superb show!

Well set out, allowing us to progress from his first tentative and not-too-good efforts, through to the huge colourful displays of the later years. That progress is well presented in what is one of the Tate's best structured exhibitions for some time.

The colours are so vibrant, and have childlike and summery appearance.

Well done Flavia, and well done Tate!Tate
A much anticipated exhibition ruined by the crowds. Couldn't see the Jazz series at all, and don't let pushchairs in at busy times!
My wife and i thought the exhibits well curated and the most impressive issue was their SIZE!!! Just loved the action movies. The flamboyant way he cut the shapes summed up their vivacity. He was the real deal.
Thank you for your survey. It is a major exhibition and an emotional tribute to a great artist. We were just disappointed by the lack of brochures and catalogues in French. I am sure that you will have many French visitors, so ....
Best regards
Chantal Grangé
I enjoyed the exhibition, particularly how it progressed from room to room. Beautiful design.
Seeing the pins in the cut outs and learning that lots of changes were made by Matisee, leaving many pin holes, gave a helpful insight into the process of making. Personally, I don't like the way colours are used by Matisse that much, though I liked reading about the gouache swatches .
The blue nudes were the 'wow' for me.
I would have liked some translation of Matisse's writing as my French is not good enough.
I was impressed with the cut outs! I did not know what to expect to start with but by the time I had finished admiring them I was truly inspired by the vibrancy of the colours.I will go back.
Loved the Matisse exhibition! Very moving......even spiritual. highlights for me: the Jazz room, the Oceania tableaus and the 1001 nights. Would have liked a short video along the way. Will return with young children for whom this is a must.
Well, as expected, the Cut-Outs confirmed the sheer visual power of Matisse. By very happy chance, the show overlapped with the Richard Hamilton exhibition - so providing a quite unique insight into the nature and development of visual language over the last seventy years.
The colours were amazing, and the size of some pieces were breath taking and fantastically displayed. Enjoyed every room. Loved being able to get up close to see the pin holes in the cut outs, made it feel so immediate. Did see some of the work at Matisse Museum in Nice but the Tate exhibition was vast and filled with detail.
Well Done.
The colours were amazing, and the size of some pieces were breath taking and fantastically displayed. Enjoyed every room. Loved being able to get up close to see the pin holes in the cut outs, made it feel so immediate. Did see some of the work at Matisse Museum in Nice but the Tate exhibition was vast and filled with detail.
Well Done.
I loved the exhibition. I've seen a lot of the cut-outs and they are my favourite visual art, but I couldn't even imagine how overwhelming it would be to see them altogether like this. I've never seen the huge works like The Parakeet and The Mermaid, or the work from the Vence Chapel. I didn't want to leave. And to be able to see both the maquettes and the pages from JAZZ, and to read Matisse's accompanying thoughts, was more than I expected. Such a tribute to the joy of life and of making art. I didn't want to leave, and I'm going back.
What a brilliantly inspiring exhibition. I will be returning many times before September.
Thank you Tate
I loved it - and from the look of the smiles around me it made everyone else happy too! I think it was the exuberance of the colours. I popped over from Tate Britain at the end of the day just for the cut-outs but hope to go back again.
The exhibition was amazing and the cut-outs were curated in a very attractive way. However, the exhibition organizers allowed an unreasonable number of people to entry and view the exhibition at the same time, which caused "traffic jam" in the exhibition and we were not able to see many works properly!
Excellent! Although as it was so crowded I will go again to really appreciate it.
Magnificent exhibition,one of the best i've seen at the Tate, I will be going again. Well done to those who organised the exhibition.
Magnificent exhibition,one of the best i've seen at the Tate, I will be going again. Well done to those who organised the exhibition.
The Matisse exhibition as such was magnificent.
However the rumour and crying from little children drove us to despair.
Because of that we had problems concentrating on the cut outs and enjoying the masterpieces of Matisse.
You should not allow mothers with little children to this exhibition, at least not the full day. The normal spectator should be entitled to undergo the Matisse cut outs in a quiet environment.

Kind regards,
Jaap Lock.
My girlfriend and I had our first visit on Saturday and were blown away - such an energetic show that burns into memory.

There was only one detraction – we had hoped to buy a copy of Jazz but the only versions available were for £195. Even a basic paperback version for about £60 would have been enough. The cut-outs book that accompanied the show was good but we were disappointed we couldn’t take Jazz home.

Otherwise, it was fantastic experience and the best TM show for a long time.
My girlfriend and I had our first visit on Saturday and were blown away - such an energetic show that burns into memory.

There was only one detraction – we had hoped to buy a copy of Jazz but the only versions available were for £195. Even a basic paperback version for about £60 would have been enough. The cut-outs book that accompanied the show was good but we were disappointed we couldn’t take Jazz home.

Otherwise, it was fantastic experience and the best TM show for a long time.
A wonderful show and good to see so many families with children, a genuine 'appeal to all ages' exhibition.
I thought the lighting was not good,much too dark and so the colour did not glow.Very crowded especially with hundreds of school kids.
Very much enjoyed the exhibition; extremely well curated. We (my daughter and I) found the writing most enlightening of Matisse's artistic approach. Walked away with so many pictures in our minds'eyes.
It far exceeded my expectations. It was the best ever collection of Matisse's art that wowed with its scale, vibrancy, colour and demonstration of his remarkable cut-out work. The icing on the cake was the display and one's appreciation of the work Matisse undertook in the transformation of the church in Vence. A truly spellbinding experience! One small comment: the portrayal of the Jazz images/plates would have been even better had there been an English translation of the artist's thoughts on creating those images as he expressed them so engagingly in French.
I bought Jack Flam's great book on Matisse cut outs some thirty plus years ago. I just never thought I would see such an exhibition of so many of these marvellous late works. I think this really is a once in a lifetime exhibition by Tate. It even has my favourite the extraordinary "1001 nights". Don't miss it.
Worth seeing if possible when it's less crowded for that allows you to step back and give yourself a chance to see the larger pieces.
I've been looking forward to this exhibition since reading Hilary Spurling's magnificent autobiography and I was Not Disappointed. However familiar I was with the pictures from reproduction the colours are always better in the flesh and nothing quite prepares you for the overwhelming size of some of the collages (a bit like seeing Picasso's 'Guernica' for the first time. The films, particularly the second, of Matisse cutting and assembling the collages were a revelation.

A few (mild) carps however.

!) I had the good fortune of having a French speaker with me but without her would have been ploddingly translating the text of 'Jazz' (like many others. Given that this text contains much of Matisse's philosophy about painting could there not have been a translation provided?

2) I was aware (courtesy of Spurling) of the genesis of the decoupages in the Barnes Foundations 'Dance'. Although this is covered fully in the catalogue surely there should have been some coverage of this in the exhibition?

3) Seeing a stained glass realisation as the last exhibit was stunning but left me wanting more. I appreciate the impossibility of Vence, for example, but surely some of the ceramic realisations could have been obtained?
what I found interesting was that his concept ideas shifted in favour of the Decorative and anticipated in many ways the attitudes and image making of Warhol and Lichtenstein
Fabulous exhibition, really well curated with a lot of thought about how the works are divided up so that it's not too overwhelming. It was an absolute joy to see all the cut outs together - i will be viewing it several more times.
It was great to see Middle England out in strength responding so enthusiastically to art that was comfortable and non-problematic. My congratulations to you and to Nick Serota for what, hopefully, is his swan-song.
Loved the exhibition - great layout of rooms and within each room. Enjoyed seeing so much of the cut outs in one place - really reinforced the impact. Very disappointed to see people taking photos and one woman walking around with a take out coffee! I will definitly be returning for another visit - thank you.
I visited the exhibition yesterday. I too thought I knew what to expect, but was surprised and moved by the experimental nature of the cut-out technique, which Matisse devised to overcome his physical limitations in later life, but which after an enthusiastic reception by collectors and the public alike Matisse began to see as an art form in its own right. What was also moving was the fact that the cut-out paintings depended on the help and loyalty of his assistants, who are sometimes mentioned by name, in particular Lydia Delectroskaya, pictured looking up admiringly at Matisse on the cover of the exhibition booklet. The exhibition itself is wonderfully curated, with the explanations in each room just long enough to be helpful and clear. The rooms are light and airy, and showcase the bold, bright - and increasingly large - paintings extremely well. The photographs that accompany the cut-out shapes in almost every room make it possible to see how they were created and where they were hung in Matisse's villas and apartments. I only have two regrets: the first, that there were no colour photographs of the chapel in Vence. I shall therefore have to go and see it for myself! The second, that the exhibition was so crowded at times that was difficult to get close to the pictures, and see the layering of cut-out shapes which created texture and depth in some of the paintings.
I was not expecting the most stunning part of the visit to Tate Modern for the Mattisse exhibition to be the disgusting state of the toilets throughout thewhole gallery.

As one who struggles to see the true quality of much of 20th century art, as expected I was a little underwhelmed by the exhibition, that is, the works displayed, not the effort and achievement of getting so many important pieces in one place. Like Lichtenstein, another underwhelming visit, Matisse found an single interesting idea and then overused it until it was stale and unsurprising.

Later in the day to Veronese at the National, which I can appreciate more readily. Not as stunning as the Florentine Renaissance for me, but raised so many questions about the true quality and virtu of Matisse.
Totally awe stricken. What an amazing feat to have all those paintings together under one roof. I absolutely enjoyed the exhibition and I was mesmerised by the sheer wonder of the works. I don't think this is an exhibition that one should visit only once, once a week, maybe. Thank you to the Tate team for organising this great exhibition.
We start with some small canvases when he was relatively young. As we progress through the rooms his work becomes bolder and more inventive. Towards the end as he gets older and more infirm his work becomes ever bolder and BIGGER. And his stained glass piece invokes pure spirituality withoug reference to any religion.
Great exhibition and we will be back for more!
The scale was awesome and being over 14 rooms was well spaced out. We were there on Bank Holiday Saturday and the exhibition was not too crowded even though the Tate was heaving with visitors.
Being new to Matisse's Cut-Outs, the film show was most informative and interesting. The Tate booklet was, as always, a useful guide nicely laid out.

On another note, we saw the new build stretching into the sky and cannot wait for it's completion. Will the new Members Room have the same Thames view as the old one? The old Members room was struggling to cope with the numbers seeking refreshments and you could have doubled the numbers of tables and chairs on the large patio to cater for same. I presume that the new Members Room will be much larger than the Old.
I loved this exhibition - everything about it was just fantastic. This is my favourite Matisse period, so I'm slightly biased, but unlike many other 'blockbuster' exhibitions I thought the standard of work on display in every room was extremely strong. I'd seen the Jazz work before, but it's always a pleasure to see those pieces again, and the vibrancy and joy of the work can't help but fill the heart with pleasure. I'll certainly be visiting this show again just to bathe in a world of colour and delight!
A truly superb exhibition. It's my favourite since Klien/Moriyama.
Incredible exhibition for its scale. Leaves you needed ing to come back and take it all in!
It was the best exhibition I've seen in years. It explained the artist's motivations and ability to create important original work right up to the end of his life. Well done.
A wonderful exhibit. Being able to get up close and see the layers of paper and tack holes makes Matisse's execution of his art more profound . Having video and photos also added another layer to my understanding of his art. Enjoyed the little guide booklet too.
Absolutely superb - life-affirming, moving and beautifully curated. Audio guide was brilliant and perfect length too - so glad I had it. One of the best exhibitions I have ever been to (and crowds far less awful than I'd expected/ experienced at other London exhibitions). Thank you Tate Modern for an extraordinary experience.
This is a wonderful show for the most part. I realised form this exhibition that actually Matisse is predominantly a graphic designer ! It would have been useful to have had translation of the French notes - my French is not good enough to understand the exact context of some of the notes. Also more of the final versions of the maquettes would have been great - just comparing the stain glass in the final room to the maquette shows so much more!
The content of the exhibition was excellent, but for a timed ticket exhibition I believe that too many people were allowed in to make the experience enjoyable. Having the short film just inside room 1 also caused a bottleneck for those entering the exhibition.
We were expecting to enjoy it but not to be bowled over by it. Instead we experienced the latter! It was fun, joyous and made us determined never to give up being creative till our last breath. Everyone of all ages must see and absorb the wonders of this gorgeous breath of fresh air of a show.
We were expecting to enjoy it but not to be bowled over by it. Instead we experienced the latter! It was fun, joyous and made us determined never to give up being creative till our last breath. Everyone of all ages must see and absorb the wonders of this gorgeous breath of fresh air of a show.
A brilliant exhibition. Until you can see these wonderful works of art for yourself it is impossible to realise the scale, the vibrancy and the skill that went in to their creation. I cannot recommend this highly enough.
We have studied Matisse in our history of art evening class and it was wonderful to see the real pictures. They are so colourful. It was also interesting to learn more about the artist by listening to the excellent audio guide.
I was really looking forward to the show, but sadly came out feeling underwhelmed. His use of colour, shape and scale was interesting, but great art this was not. Think there was too much hype around this show, however well curated. Perhaps the commercialisation of these works through reproductions have robbed us of their original wow factor.
Even before Tate Mod's Picasso/Matisse exhibition some years ago, I'd always preferred Picasso, as a more daring, varied artist, whilst appreciating M's great use of colour. I grabbed the chance of the members' early hour on Saturday morning (great to wander along Southbank seeing hardly anyone in the clear, early spring-like air, with the colours enhanced, just like at this exhibition) and it didn't get crowded till about 10.30. PLEASE do this again on weekends for us! It was a most attractive and joyful experience. I'd expected it to become a bit samey halfway through, wondering how 14 rooms could be filled with the same subject, but was very satisfied to discover how enterprising M was in his later years, not only inventing a new way of making marks, but, with the help of assistants, continuing to expand and develop this new art for himself and others. Apart from it's being a beautiful sensory experience, it was illuminating to see so much material on M's methods, particularly the short films of him using wallpaper scissors to cut out his shapes, painstakingly almost carving the paper until he'd achieved the design in his head. Then to see how he even used the discarded pieces to make more work - an early recycler! I think the Blue Nudes room showed how he kept at a theme until he was satisfied, whilst even the early attempts proved to be worthy of display and conservation. The final room, with the Vence chapel maquette and window side by side, excellently and simply showed how concept became concrete, then became the beautiful and serene final interpretation. A good way to end. The hang was intelligent, with even the smaller pieces not crowded onto the walls, and the larger pieces being given the space for the impact they merited. A very good exhibition with a aesthetically pleasing surface and a satisfyingly educational depth.
I am going back as I loved it so much. The video clips were so helpful in understanding how Matisse managed the cutouts. I found it all terribly moving and my favourites of Matisse have always been La Danse series but now I am not sure.
It is utterly inspiring to see such bold creativity late on in Matisse's life when he could easily have hung up his paint brush in despondent frailty. There's hope for us all.
I believe that Matisse's cut outs have suffered from over-familiarity and over-use as commercial artifacts, which has detracted from their currency as works of art. Seeing these wonderful, vibrant works in the flesh, so to speak, reconfirmed their power and strength as works of art, and enabled one to perceive the sheer originality of their creation. In particular, it was enriching to understand the process of development and progress through, say, the four blue nudes, and to experience the development up to Zulma, which I found amazingly powerful.

It was, of course, a very busy exhibition, even mid-week, and more seating would have been appreciated. But all in all a wonderful exhibition and experience.
I loved the colour and vibrancy. I went with a friend and we both came away uplifted. Simply stunning.