Level 2 Gallery: Media Burn: Martha Rosler

Martha Rosler  Photo Op From the series Bringing the War Home

Martha Rosler

(born 1943, USA)

Rosler is one of the most influential artists of her generation and her work frequently compels the viewer to rethink the boundaries between the public and the private, the social and political. During the Vietnam War, she produced Bringing the War Home: House Beautiful 1967–72, a series of photomontages assembled from the pages of Life magazine, where news stories featuring images of the dead and wounded shared column inches with glossy adverts for consumer products.

The work shown here, Bringing the War Home: House Beautiful, new series 2004, is a reworking of that project. A critique of the current war in Iraq, it draws an immediate comparison with Vietnam. Re-connecting the reality of a distant war with the living rooms of America, she underlines the relationship between the spoils of war and a consumerist society.