Peter Kennard

Peter Kennard Smashed 1978

Peter Kennard
Smashed 1978

 Courtesy the artist

Peter Kennard

(born 1949, Britain)

Since the 1970s Kennard has developed a way of making art that comments directly on the political situation of his times. With their extensive use of photomontage, his arresting images have been used for posters and book covers, and published in broadsheet newspapers and magazines such as the New Statesman and Socialist Worker.

Perhaps inspired by 1930s German artist John Heartfield, Kennard assembled his montages by hand, combining and rearranging images from the media to explore issues such as economic inequality, police brutality and the nuclear arms race. The photomontages shown here are selected from a large archive of those produced by Kennard between the early 1970s and the 1990s. Focused most clearly on British politics, they are rooted in the issues of their day, but many seem as relevant now as they did twenty or thirty years ago.