Meschac Gaba Salon From Museum of Contemporary African Art 1997 – 2002 on display at Tate Modern 2013

The Salon offers the public a space to meet, read, play, listen to music and relax. It is filled with seating, board games, comic books, newspapers and domestic objects, many of which are covered in Gaba’s signature banknote dots. Visitors are invited to play the grand piano which is filled with gold chocolate coins and Fela Kuti’s Greatest Hits album plays from behind the bar.

As in the Museum Shop and Museum Restaurant, Gaba has consciously created a space for other artists within this room. For the presentation of the Museum of Contemporary African Art at Tate Modern in 2013, Beninese artist Totché’s video Les Côd 2012 plays on a television set. In a sequence of subtitles the video urges the viewer to ‘watch, listen, be curious and life will reveal itself’. On a nearby computer visitors can play the Adji game, an adaptation of the traditional African game Awélé