Room 10

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Room 10

The internationalism that had long marked Miró’s attitude was at the heart of the sudden creation in 1961–2 of these two vast triptychs. Their making was made possible by the construction in 1956 of a studio in Palma de Mallorca specially designed for Miró by his friend Josep Lluis Sert. Filled with light and air, the new space easily accommodated the panels of the triptychs, which measure 3.5 metres each.

Miró admired the ambition of American Abstract Expressionism, which he had encountered on his first visit to New York in 1947 and again in 1959. He was happy to acknowledge that this renewed contact stimulated him to make the triptychs. This response may be found both in their size and in their chromatic saturation. The brushed colour fields and carefully placed forms allow for visual immersion. On completion, these triptychs were immediately exhibited in Paris to great acclaim.