Project Space: Burke + Norfolk
Photographs From The War In Afghanistan
Tate Modern: Exhibition
6 May 10 July 2011
Part of the series Project Space
Simon Norfolk Kabul 2010

Simon Norfolk
Kabul 2010

© the artist

In October 2010, Simon Norfolk began a series of new photographs in Afghanistan, which takes its cue from the work of nineteenth-century Irish photographer John Burke. Norfolk’s photographs reimagine or respond to Burke’s Afghan war scenes in the context of the contemporary conflict. Conceived as a collaborative project with Burke across time, this new body of work is presented alongside Burke’s original portfolios. The exhibition takes place in conjunction with an earlier complementary exhibition in March 2011 at the Queen’s Palace in the Baghe Babur garden in Kabul, supported by The World Collections Programme and the Aga Khan Trust for Culture, which resulted from a series of workshops with Afghan photographers, featuring work by Fardin Waezi and Burke alongside Norfolk’s own work.

This programme has been made possible with the generous support of Catherine Petitgas