Raised Awareness: Featured artists: Terry Frost Curated by Bill Woodrow

Sir Terry Frost RA One Fish Alone In The Water 2003

Sir Terry Frost RA
One Fish Alone In The Water

© Terry Frost

Starting at the bottom of the page and moving up, the first things we find are the title of the drawing written in large joined-up letters, and the fish itself swimming right through them. Above the fish are three lines of waves, on the left hand side there is the prow of a boat which is just called the SS and which has a single bare mast sticking up into the sky. A giant sun radiates sunbeams in the sky in the top half of the drawing. Coming back to the fish, he has a jolly smile and is flashing a great lower set of teeth. His bright little eye has an arrangement of lines emanating from it in a design that echoes the shape of the sun above it. The scales of the fish are shown as a rough cross-hatch overlayed with gill-like semicircular shapes.

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