Raised Awareness: Featured artists: Richard Wentworth

Richard Wentworth Making do and Getting By Photograph 2003

Richard WentworthMaking do and Getting By Photograph 2003

© the artist

The original photograph is by Richard Wentworth and is from a project entitled “An Area of Outstanding Unnatural Beauty”. It is a photograph of a plastic bottle which has been jammed into the gap between a sapling tree and its wooden stake.

In response to this, two artists named Nahoko Kudo and Ben Campkin produced a series of black and white computer drawings based on the photograph, and it is one of these interpretations that is displayed here as a raised image.

Richard Wentworth is interested in observing and recording small acts of human intervention into the environment. In this case, somebody has thoughtlessly placed a plastic bottle in the gap in a tree, and the artist has isolated and documented this image.

The collaboration between these artists was co-ordinated by Kathy Battista, head of Artangel Interaction.