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Roni Horn Were 4 2002 Drawing of two rounded shapes made up of short wavy lines
  • Paired Gold Mats, for Ross and Felix 1994
    Pure gold
    1245 x 1524 x 0.2 mm, 1.8 kg
    Art Institute of Chicago
    Sculpture and Allusion
  • Were 11 2004
    Pigment and varnish on paper
    1588 x 2108 mm
    Collection Judith Neisser, promised gift to Art Institute of Chicago
    Drawings, 1985 — Present
  • Were 12 2004
    Pigment, varnish and graphite on paper
    2200 x 2440 mm
    Presented by the American Fund for the Tate Gallery, purchased with funds provided by Kathy and Richard S Fuld Jr in honour of Donna De Salvo 2007
    Drawings, 1985 – Present
  • Her Eyes (Seen in the Distance) 1999/2005
    Aluminium and solid cast plastic
    38 x 2934 x 114 mm, 47.6 kg
    Jochen and Susanne Holy Collection