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The 8-14's Studio: Painting

Carolyn Mims Lawrence, Black Children Keep Your Spirits Free, 1972  Collection & © Carolyn Mims Lawrence 


Join us in making a collective mural honouring black artists throughout history

Artist Jacob V Joyce invites you to take part in making a collective artwork celebrating black art and black artists throughout history and up to today.

Curious about how artists work in their studios? Interested in trying out some of their ideas for yourself?

Using your ideas and the artworks at Tate as inspiration, join us in making  a collective mural honouring black artists throughout history, and learn more about black art while you’re creating.

You don’t have to be an artist to join in, just come along and join in!

About 8–14’s Studio

8–14’s Studio is where you can work alongside a range of artists in different disciplines, making collective art-works with other 8-14 year olds and their families.

Each artist who works with the 8-14’s Studio brings a theme, materials and ideas inspired by their own artwork.

Drop in anytime between 12-5pm every third Saturday of the month at Tate Modern.

About the artist

Illustrator and artist Jacob V Joyce is a non-binary interdisciplinary artist who brings queer, creative interventions to  commercial and community spaces. As a member of the sorryyoufeeluncomfortable collective and queer punk band Screaming Toenail, Joyce’s work offers satirical and theatrical critique. 

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18 November 2017 at 12.00–17.00

16 December 2017 at 12.00–17.00

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