Project Space at Tate Modern (formerly the Level 2 gallery) is dedicated to presenting contemporary art through a series of peer-to-peer collaborations with cultural organisations from around the world. It brings together emerging curators from both Tate Modern and international venues for contemporary art to work together on an exhibition that will be manifested in both locations. Based on curatorial exchange and dialogue, the series showcases the work of new, recently established or rediscovered international artists. Thus the exhibitions open up the possibility of introducing new work and interpretations within differing global contexts.

This series of discursive exhibitions began in 2011 and, to date, has included collaborations with institutions in Amman, Lagos, Istanbul, Mexico City, Warsaw and Cairo. Forthcoming exhibitions are being developed with partners in Lima and New Delhi. The process of building the exhibition includes a reciprocal curatorial residency, and yet is based on a completely open starting point for developing the exhibition. The Project Space series aims to explore the most challenging art of today as well as the complexities of operating within a global context for contemporary art.