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Artists’ Films Since 2000

19 September 2015 at 19.00–21.00

Im Heung-soon Sung Si (Jeju Symptom and Sign) 2011, film still

Im Heung-soon Sung Si / Jeju Symptom and Sign 2011

Yeondoo Jung The Hanging Garden 2009, video still Courtesy the artist

Koo Donghee, Overloaded Echo 2006

This screening celebrates works produced by contemporary Korean artists within a wider global context, featuring works by the generation who came of age during the social and political opening up of Korea and have enjoyed unprecedented opportunities, cultural mobility and technological access. These works reflect on the original concern of early experimental films, yet they are produced and screened within the various new media exhibition platforms of the contemporary Korean and international art world.

Followed by discussion with Im Heung-Soon.


Forward, Back, Side, Forward Again 조승호/Seoungho Cho, Korea/USA 1995, video, colour, sound, 11 min 

파워통로/Power Passage 박찬경/Park Chan-kyong, Korea 2004/2014, 2 channel HD video, colour, sound, 15 min 

Overloaded Echo 구동희/Koo Donghee, Korea 2006, video, colour, sound, 8 min 

공중정원/The Hanging Garden 정연두/Yeondoo Jung, Korea 2009, HD video, colour, sound, 15 min 56 sec 

숭시 Sung Si (Jeju Symptom and Sign) 임흥순/Im Heung-Soon, Korea 2011, HD video, colour, sound 24 min 33 sec

Programme duration: 74 min


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19 September 2015 at 19.00–21.00