William Klein: Zazie dans le Métro 1960
William Klein
Zazie dans le Métro 1960

 Adapted from Raymond Queneau’s popular 1959 children’s book Zazie dans le métro only one year after the book’s publication, Malle’s audacious film was made at a vibrant moment for French cinema, on the cusp of the New Wave, with iconic art direction by William Klein. Paris is transformed into a free-spirited, urban playground for the precocious, ten-year-old Zazie, who comes to the city for a whirlwind weekend with her Uncle Gabriel. With gleeful abandon, Zazie upturns the world of adults with a unique combination of charm, sass and malevolence. The film’s exhiliarating mix of slapstick, speed and riotous behaviour fuels Zazie’s foul-mouthed, defiant journey through a seedy wonderland of crime, gender bending, violence and perverse hilarity. 

This event is related to the exhibition William Klein + Daido Moriyama