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Tate Tap Takeover with Fourpure Brewery

Join us for an evening of beer tasting as we welcome back Fourpure Brewing Co to take over the taps at the Tate Modern bar

Having collaborated with Fourpure for the Tate Switch House brew, we are excited to welcome back our neighbours, Bermondsey based Fourpure Brewing Co, to take over the taps this March for an ‘Easter Special’. Chocolate included.

Fourpure Brewing Co will be showcasing six of their new Brew House Beers – celebrating their new Craft Star 40HL Brew House, which was commissioned at the end of 2017. The tasting, led by Fourpure’s Brewery Ambassador Rob Davies, will give guests a snapshot of the quality and diversity of beer on offer, from traditional brews such as Fourpure Beerhall Helles Lager, and Thunder Bay West Coast IPA, to the more unusual Raspberry & Chocolate Imperial Porter. Combining eight difference malts and lactose sugar, it is an incredibly rich drinking experience, made with fresh British raspberries, roasted cocoa nibs and whole vanilla pods.

The six beers for the night are as follows:

Thunder Bay West Coast IPA 6.6%
Raspberry & Chocolate Imperial Porter 7.4%
Saharan Sun Blood Orange Saison 6.1%
Deep South Peach Sour 5.3%
Port of Call Lychee & Earl Grey Session IPA 4.5%
Beerhall Helles Lager 5.1%

In addition, Dan Mynard, Fourpures’s in-house designer will be co-hosting the event speaking with a focus on beer design. From mood boards to final font badges, Dan will tell the story behind the brewery art and how they in turn inspired the beers.

Tate Modern

Terrace Bar

London SE1 9TG
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Date & Time

28 March 2018 at 18.30–22.30



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