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Global communities and critical citizenship: Artist-led workshop

Participants in this seminar, chaired by Liz Ellis Curator Community Learning, Tate Modern, will have opportunities to discuss the differing cultural contexts of these approaches, share learning by exploring the differences as well as the shared approaches to arts practices in a globalised world, where increasing structural inequalities exclude many from participation, freedom of expression and social justice. This one day workshop is aimed at artists, researchers and students from theater, dance, visual arts backgrounds and all interested in interdisciplinary arts practices and social change.

Sarah Archdeacon is Artistic Director of Corali, a UK-based dance company founded in 1989. Sarah will share how Corali’s methodologies open up perceptions of artistic ownership and personal empowerment, and create a dialogue with concepts of ‘community’.

Brazil-based artist Elisa Bracher presents on her visual arts practice and the practice of Instituto Acaia, founded in 2001, exploring how education and health access are central in the Instituto programmes.

Sarah Archdeacon 

Sarah Archdeacon studied Theatre at Dartington College of Arts. She joined Corali as a volunteer in 1991 and became Artistic Director of the company in 1993. Sarah is a member of Birmingham based theatre company, Stan's Cafe, and a long-time collaborator with Dorset based group, Double Act (now Persuasion Arts).

Tate Modern

Clore Learning Centre

London SE1 9TG
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Date & Time

20 March 2014 at 11.00–16.00