Mithu Sen, excerpt from I am a Poet 2013
Mithu Sen
Excerpt from I am a Poet 2013

I am a Poet by Mithu Sen

Not bound by rules of grammar, diction, vocabulary and syntax, the poems in this book suggest another medium of understanding.
No one but you speaks this language.

It is yours to read, to decipher, to interpret and to understand.

Unfettered by the hegemonic structures of language, these ‘nonsensical’ figures; this computer gibberish is beyond the process of meaning making.

I invite you to embrace ‘nonsense’ as resistance and comb out utterances from your subconscious; thereby, giving voice to all those moments that exist but are not realised or lived.

These are poems for you (and me) – by you (and me)

Artist Mithu Sen makes public readings from her book of abstracted poetic text throughout the opening weekend. Performance times are always 10 minutes.

This event is related to the exhibition Project Space: Word. Sound. Power.