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Silver Swan

19 November 2012
26 November 2012
3 December 2012

Silver Swan

Silver Swan

Silver Swan

Silver Swan

"The music by Paul Clark is achingly divine. Thrilling textures soar high and sweet, or brush against momentary discords."The Herald Scotland

 A compelling group of performers moves through the cavernous Turbine Hall, struggling to form a chorus and even to keep their balance. Seven unaccompanied singers re-imagine two 17th Century songs, by John Smith and William Lawes , weaving their melodies into a dense and haunting texture to create a completely new piece of contemporary music.

 Clod Ensemble has been making work that crosses the boundaries between dance, theatre and visual art for over 15 years led by director/choreographer Suzy Willson and musician Paul Clark.  Recent work includes An Anatomie In Four Quarters at Sadler’s Wells.

The Silver Swan who living had no note'till death approached unlocked her silent throatLeaning her breast against the reedy shoreShe sang her first and last and sang no moreFarewell all joysDeath come close my eyesMore geese than swans now liveMore fools than wise

The performance will last for approximately 25 minutes. Limited capacity.

Produced in association with Fuel

Explore ideas about chorus, space, balance and embodiment on the course Everything Moves, led by the artistic director of Clod Ensemble.


Turbine Hall

Tate Modern
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19 November 2012 at 19.00–21.25

26 November 2012 at 19.00–21.25

3 December 2012 at 19.00–21.25