two people are dressed in multicoloured fabric, on the floor of Tate Britain gallery with a series of TVs on the wall behind
Spartacus Chetwynd, Hermitos Children, the pilot episode 2008
Video, single channel, colour and sound, 32 television sets, 8 headphones and beanbag
Overall displayed dimensions variable

This event takes the BMW Tate Live Performance Room as illustrative of the ways in which performance is responding to a highly mediated world, where performance often comes into being simultaneously live and online.

How does the power of the digital arena within everyday life complicate our understanding of liveness? What resonances do physical spaces for performance have for online audiences or artists, whose shared space is the online community? How does it change our understanding of documentation, which no longer comes after the event but during it?

An interdisciplinary panel of practitioners, theorists and experts from the fields of performance, digital media and social theory reflect on how liveness and mediation are changing our lives.