This image called Art History shows a seated Monkey perched on a book called 'The Absolute Bourgeois'
Olivier Richon
Art History

Resurgence in interest around photography’s relationship to performance has increased the awareness of the photograph both as documentation and as a performative work in itself. Recent international exhibitions have explored photography’s relationship to ‘performance’ and the differing ways that artists have used the camera in this arena. Performing photographs looks at how the performative is located within the photograph itself, and in the relationship of the image to the viewer, as well as photography’s relationship to the written and spoken word.

Speakers include LaToya Ruby Frazier, Carol Mavor, Olivier Richon and chaired by Catherine Grant.

This event is related to the Performing Photographs seminar.

This panel is organised in partnership with UCA Farnham and the journal Photography & Culture.