Free Entry Tate Modern Workshop

Emergent Landscapes With Rob St John

9–10 December 2016
11 December 2016

Collaborate and create new visual and sonic landscapes that develop over time, through soundscaping, sculpture and lichen painting

Artist and cultural geographer Rob St John invites you to participate in an exchange between art and geography. Join him for the collective workshop activity of Cairn Building, contribute to his interactive sonic sculpture Sounding Space, hear him talk about his work or join him in discussion.

Exploring the mapping of movement, sound and growth in the newly created Tate Exchange space, the results will extend beyond three days and develop into a shared experiment in creative landscaping.

Photo Katrin Werner (c) Tate

Photo Katrin Werner (c) Tate

Photo Katrin Werner (c) Tate

Photo Katrin Werner (c) Tate

About Rob St John

Rob St John is an artist and cultural geographer from East Lancashire. His interdisciplinary practice often involves sound work, ecologically altered film photography, landscape writing and collaboration between art and science. St John’s recent projects include Concrete Antenna, 2016, Surface Tension, 2015 and Water of Life, 2013. He is currently working on long-term fieldwork to document the return of a former military island on the Finnish Archipelago.


Tate Exchange

Switch House, Level 5

Tate Modern
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9–10 December 2016 at 12.00–18.00

11 December 2016 at 12.00–16.00

Past events

Tate Modern Talk

Rob St John in Conversation

11 Dec 2016

Join Rob St John and Amy Cutler to discuss the future of his Emergent Landscapes project

Tate Modern Workshop

Sounding Space With Rob St John

9–10 Dec 2016, 11 Dec 2016

Help create an immersive, growing soundscape that responds to the Tate Exchange space

Tate Modern Workshop

Cairn Building With Rob St John

9–10 Dec 2016, 11 Dec 2016

​Create a beacon marking time and space with Rob St John in Tate Exchange

Tate Modern Talk

Artist's Talk: Rob St John

10 Dec 2016

Rob St John introduces a collaborative, art-geography project, inspired by the ancient practice of cairn building