Clunie Reid, 'Your Higher Plane Awaits' 2010
Coming Soon Tate Modern Workshop

Writing Photographs: Clunie Reid Workshop

6 May 2017 at 16.30–18.00

Clunie Reid, Your Higher Plane Awaits 2010, Tate. © Clunie Reid

Take part in a practical activity exploring the relationship between writing and text

Clunie Reid will be providing a pack of photocopy sheets or "matrices" designed to promote a range of responses that enable participants to explore drawing and writing in relation to the photographic image. The outcome will be a set of works made directly in response to the pages, forming a body of works for each participant to take away with them. Some materials are provided but participants are encouraged to bring any drawing or writing or drawing equipment they may prefer to use to the session.


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Date & Time

6 May 2017 at 16.30–18.00



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