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Adam Chodzko Mask-Filter 2007

Adam Chodzko
Mask-Filter 2007
Mixed media

© Adam Chodzko

Plan for a Spell 2001 pictures a series of social spaces and folk events (some real and some fictional) that include the annual Workington Uppies and Downies festival, Ottery St Mary Tar Barrelling, basket weaving, a demolition derby, wind turbines, foot and mouth cattle pyres, footage from the 1973 film The Wicker Man and a role-play computer game. The DVD is encoded to randomly assemble the sound, images and text so that every time it is played it will play differently. The work appears to be making itself in front of our eyes. At some point the infinite possible configurations may trigger ‘the spell’, or this may never happen. Various relationships and interactions are figured through a series of anarchic but ritualised situations, of bodies literally crashing into each other. The work, through its unusual and random operation, attempts to enact rather than simply represent these ideas of chance, process, order and disorder. It suggests the possibility of a pattern or formula that might be discernable behind the apparent chaos of the visible world.