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Adam Chodzko Night Shift Cane Toad visit: 1.15 am, 17 October 2004

Adam Chodzko
Night Shift (Cane Toad visit: 1.15 am, 17 October) 2004
7 photographs

Collection: British Council

This grouping of photographs, posters and film stills, as well as the sculpture in the centre of the space, gathers together various works produced over the last seventeen years. The works have been mixed up in their presentation to emphasise certain juxtapositions, themes and operations that occur across these different pieces. Many of them demonstrate how Chodzko often generates ephemeral communities and impossible propositions through his work, and reveal his habit of combining the fantastical and dreamlike with the pragmatic and mundane.

Flashers 1996 – are a series of still photographs taken from filmed sequences of flares going off in wasteland, at the edges of a city. Chodzko recorded the footage onto the surplus tape at the end of films he rented from video shops. He then returned the tapes to the shops ‘so that the next person to hire the film might leave it running, and so could discover my signal’.

The Meetings series comprise posters that advertise the ‘next meeting’, placed in unusual locations. Chodzko collects old tourist slides from the 1960s and 70s, which form the basis for these works. He combines these images with text advertising the meeting, giving a specific but different location to that in the photograph and which importantly no longer exists. Finally, the location that the poster is placed in bears no obvious relation to either image or meeting place, merging three different geographic spaces with past, present and future.

In 2004 Chodzko was commissioned by Frieze Art Fair, London to make a new work. Because the fair takes place in Regents Park, close to London Zoo, Chodzko decided to arrange a parade of animals through the various booths of the art fair late at night, when everyone else had gone home. The resulting work Night Shift 2004 consists of photographs of a wolf, a toad, a skunk, a python, a scorpion and a deer parading through the stands; as well as a map given to all of the visitors to the fair. The map charts the various creatures’ routes through the enormous tent, enabling the visitor to retrace their steps and follow their paths.

Adam Chodzko Installation view at Tate St Ives, 2008 five

Adam Chodzko
Installation view at Tate St Ives 2008

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