The Heron Mall

Adam Chodzko Installation view at Tate St Ives, 2008 one

Adam Chodzko
Installation view at Tate St Ives 2008

© Tate

Borrowed Cold Lodge is a new work by Chodzko created especially for this space. Chodzko has approached various groups in St Ives and West Penwith and asked to borrow items of cold-weather and protective outer clothing to be displayed for the duration of the exhibition. He has also made a poster and placed an advertisement in the local paper. For each garment lent, the owner has received a lending agreement signed by Tate and the artist. At the end of the exhibition all items will be returned to their original owners.

The installation is based around a simple negotiation of borrowing an item of clothing, and the artist has interpreted the large Heron Window as an obscure ‘map’ for the quantity and type of clothing on display. Chodzko turns this very public space into a more transitional or backstage area. We find ourselves in something like a locker room or a store – a space usually hidden from the public – appearing here in both in the ‘wrong’ place and the ‘wrong’ season. Ordinary garments become art objects; to be looked at now, rather than touched, used or worn.