Simon Fujiwara exhibition at Tate St Ives

Since 1982 consists of a series of rooms which the artist has compared to the interiors of National Trust properties. As the exhibition’s title suggests, each gallery presents an installation enacting a scene from Fujiwara’s life, from conception to adulthood. As part of this rationale, the information panels displayed in the galleries have been written by the artist. These discuss themes ranging from the mother-figure and homosexuality to colonialism and class inequality. In this way, the exhibition offers a journey of discovery into Fujiwara’s thinking and production narrated through his voice rather than that of the museum.

This online room guide is designed to help visitors explore the exhibition. For this reason the route through the galleries has been reversed reflecting the actual route visitors to Tate St Ives take through the exhibition.It begins in the Heron Mall on Level 1, then continues into Gallery 5 on Level 3, and concludes in Gallery 1.

If you are visiting Tate St Ives to see the exhibition you can find further information and resources on Simon Fujiwara’s work at the the Exhibition Study Point on Level 3 and the Studio Resource Room off Lower Gallery 2, or download the exhibition guide.