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Stories by the sea

Listen to magical tales and legends of the sea in the atmospheric Loggia space.

Trebiggan Productions 
6 August  - The Mermaid of Zennor 
Long ago a beautiful and richly dressed woman occasionally attended St. Senara's Church in Zennor. The parishioners were enchanted by her beauty and her voice, for her singing was sweeter than all the rest and she never seemed to age, and nobody knew whence she came, and she then disappeared…..

27th August - The Greedy Spider
Deep within our Cornish hedgerows lies a secret! A secret so extraordinary that when it was revealed only a few brave souls would believe it. Come and listen to the Tale of the Greedy Spider. Intrigue, awe and anticipation awaits!

Mark Harandon 
13 & 20 August
At one time, the smell of fish in St Ives was so strong, it stopped the church clock. But one year the shoals didn't arrive: only one old man's discovery would make sure that the people could survive. But who would ever believe in mermaids? And once, the fishing fleet would hardly dare venture from St Ives, but who now remembers the Giant Wrath? 

Tate St Ives

Porthmeor Beach
St Ives
Cornwall TR26 1TG
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6 August 2014

13 August 2014 at 12.00–14.30

20 August 2014 at 12.00–14.30

27 August 2014 at 12.00–14.30

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