ARTIST ROOMS Lawrence Weiner – Woodhorn Museum

Lawrence Weiner, ‘TUCKED IN AT THE CORNERS’ 1988
Lawrence Weiner
Tate / National Galleries of Scotland
© Lawrence Weiner

Lawrence Weiner’s cycle of wall texts from the ARTIST ROOMS collection resonate with new and multiple readings within Woodhorn’s historic colliery setting. In this context Weiner’s texts can be read in relation to both the physical processes and social histories of coal-mining in the North East coal fields. Text is integral to the physical experience of Woodhorn, from the rousing slogans on the iconic mining banners to the often baffling industry-specific signage in the colliery buildings. The contrast between statement and action within Weiner’s work gains added significance in a place once heaving with heavy industry yet today a carefully preserved and static heritage site, museum and archive.

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