BP: BP Displays

The mutual objective of this partnership is to connect people through art and culture to inspire creativity across all generations

BP: BP Displays

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The partnership enables our collection to reach a national and international audience enabling millions of people worldwide to experience the world’s greatest collection of British Art. It connects communities with art and culture and offers young generations the chance to be inspired in order to enrich their lives.

Over the past 25 years over 37 million people have visited the BP Displays. There has been five major rehangs and numerous changes with hundreds of art handlers and curators having worked on the displays. Tate’s collection is made up of some 66,000 works, many of them would have never been able to be shown at Tate Britain without the BP and Tate partnership. Over 6 million school children have visited the BP Displays. The BP and Tate sponsorship is the longest and most consistent sponsorship of any permanent art collection in the UK. Tens of thousands of hours have been spent on planning, rehanging and conserving the BP Displays.

Over 70,000 people have attended and taken part in the BP Family Festival and BPLoud Tate programme. Over 35,000 children participated in the Tate Movie project and millions of people worldwide visit the BP Displays webpages on the Tate website. From 2008–2012, BP and Tate hosted the BP Lecture where major names in art would host a series of public events, allowing audiences to be inspired by the very best creative leaders. The launch of BP Art Exchange in September 2013 has created a global accessible portal to world class for art for all ages and cultures – the programme is currently operating in 50 countries and has reached over 10,000 school children since September 2013.

Across the years BP have also supported a number of Tate programmes including the BAFTA award winning Tate Movie project which was part of the London 2012 celebrations. BP has supported UK culture for 35 years which has resulted in millions of children and adults being inspired by art and creativity. Without their continued support; many significant UK arts programmes would not be able to take place. Tate is extremely proud of what has been achieved with BP over the past 25 years.

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