Mark Leckey: 'I wallow in the mire of nostalgia'

Turner Prize winning artist Mark Leckey returns to Liverpool to talk about his video work Dream English Kid

Mark Leckey was born in Birkenhead outside Liverpool in 1964 and graduated from Newcastle Polytechnic in 1990. Dream English Kid is a video collage taking archival material from television shows, advertisements and music, to create a record of all the significant events the artist’s life from the 1970s until the 1990s Identity and memory are key motifs in Mark Leckey’s work channeled through his own role experience an artist in London and a participant in contemporary culture, as well as a man who grew up in the 1980s in the north of England. His wide-ranging and multi-disciplinary practice combines sculpture, film, sound and performance. He celebrates the imagination of the individual, and our potential to inhabit, reclaim or animate an idea, a space, or an object.

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Mark Leckey

born 1964
Art Term

Expanded cinema

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