1. What did you have for dinner last night?

I had a bowl of fresh vegetables and egg soup for dinner.

2. What is the most meaningful thing you’ve ever produced?

It’s art. I started creating art works at the age of 10. I’ve worked very hard as it is my calling. I’ve struggled and devoted all my energy to artistic creativity and its excellence with a feeling of awe. 

I fight to find love and a mystery of human life.

3. Why environmental art?

I’ve always experimented various expressions in art. Among them I especially put my heart and soul into environmental art. My art is not only with paper and a brush but the world I see is endless space. I create environmental art to prove great spirit of inquiry in the diverse human history. It is environmental art that I could devote all my efforts to as a way to seek for truth with all my heart.

4. What are you wearing today? What inspired you to wear it?

I’m wearing my working clothes. Not only working clothes but also all my clothes including my pajamas are all stained with paints.

5. What’s next for Yayoi Kusama?

I’ve sought for truth of art with an ambition and fought like hell all my life to accomplish my purpose as a human being. Even after I finish my life, I’d like to keep telling posterity about my way of art. I want younger people, or everyone, to talk about my enthusiasm reaching to space and also, my art as a token of my life even after my death. For that reason, I worked all this morning. I’d like to keep creating art until the day I die.