Edward Allington

The Golden Pavilion/As Seen from the Front


Not on display
Edward Allington 1951–2017
Paint, pencil and plywood on cardboard
Object: 2438 x 2438 x 2134 mm
Lent by the American Fund for the Tate Gallery, courtesy of the Foundation To-Life, Inc. 2005
On long term loan

Technique and condition

A free standing construction made from plastic stones of varying sizes with a white plastic temple resting on top, a number of loose plastic stones and a drawing on cardboard representing two corners of a temple. The plastic stones are attached to a plywood base and upright metal rods by screws and wires. There are also 120 loose plastic stones of varying sizes, arranged around the base of the upright part of the work. The drawing forms the background.

The plastic stones are commercially made, cast from plastic and hollow. They vary in colour from off-white to pink to light and dark grey. The large and medium size stones have a rough shiny surface with a black speckled effect. The small stones are matte and smooth. The temple at the top is painted in white, grey-blue and bronze paint and its underside is black. The plywood base of the upright part of the work is painted black. There are no visible inscriptions.

The work is displayed on the floor. The loose plastic stones are arranged afresh for each new display.

The current structural condition of the work is good and its surface is clean.

Sasa Kosinova
August 2005


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