Eric Gill

Alphabet of Raised Letters


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Eric Gill 1882–1940
Object: 533 × 546 × 44 mm, 28,5kg
Transferred from the Victoria & Albert Museum 1983

Catalogue entry

T03739 Alphabet of Raised Letters 1927

Hoptonwood stone 21 × 21 1/2 × 1 3/4 (533 × 546 × 44)
Inscribed in raised letters ‘ABCDEF/GHIJKLM/NOPQRST/UV WXYZ’ and ‘EG 27’ b.r.
Transferred from the Victoria and Albert Museum 1983
Prov: Commissioned from the artist by the Department of Circulation, Victoria and Albert Museum 1927 (Circ. 531–1927)
Exh: Travelling exhibitions of the Department of Circulation, Victoria and Albert Museum
Lit: Evan R. Gill, The Inscriptional Work of Eric Gill an Inventory, 1964, 498A; Robert Harling, The Letter Forms and Type Designs of Eric Gill, 1976, p.27
Also repr: David Kindersley, Eric Gill, 1982, opp. p.5

Eric MacLagan, the Director of the Victoria and Albert Museum, wrote to Eric Gill at Capel-y-ffin on 23 February 1927, asking for a stone panel with an alphabet, incised or in relief, which he felt he should commission ‘considering the part you have played in the revival of good lettering’. In July, Gill wrote to say that he was making the two alphabets, which he finally sent to the Museum in September (correspondence at the Victoria and Albert Museum). His diaries record that they were carved on 8–9 August (William Andrews Clark Memorial Library, University of California, Los Angeles).

A rubbing of the inscription in the St Bride Printing Library is signed by the artist ‘For SKM., E.G. del; L. C. and E. G. Sc. Aug. 1927’, meaning that it was made for the South Kensington Museum, and carved by Gill with the assistance of Lawrence Cribb.

Published in:
The Tate Gallery 1982-84: Illustrated Catalogue of Acquisitions, London 1986

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