Robert Peake, ‘Lady Anne Pope’ 1615
Robert Peake
Lady Anne Pope 1615

When I was first contemplating whether or not to do this mix I had no real idea or preconceptions as to which painting or work of art would inspire me. While browsing through the Tate collection I was immediately struck by the intense, sombre beauty of this picture of Lady Anne Pope 1615 by Robert Peake. The portrait seemed to have a striking similitude with the overall feeling of music I’ve been listening to. The face evoked in me the feeling of a life of someone living in a time of darkness, suspicion, superstition and fear. I can imagine her walking through the grounds of her Elizabethan manor house listening to this on her Walkman.


1. Meredith Monk – Calls
2. Nico – We've Got The Gold
3. Zov Zov – Endless Lines
4. Stimulus – Transference
5. Mecanica Popular – Las Maravillas Del Mañana
6. Felix Kubin – Restez En Ligne
7. Λένα Πλάτωνος – Μάγισσες
8. Unknown Artist – Orgelns Födelse
9. De Frontanel – Le Partenaire
10. Shemale – Stone Circle
11. Meredith Monk – Pine Tree Lullaby

Helena Hauff is a DJ and producer based in Hamburg, Germany. Her debut solo album Discreet Desires was released on Werkdiscs / Ninjatune in September 2015.