This Audio Arts published cassette supplement, recorded in 1985 features Richard Long in conversation with William Furlong

Audio Arts: Richard Long Side A

Audio Arts: Richard Long Side B

Audio Arts supplement Richard Long cassette inlay
Inlay for Audio Arts Supplement Richard Long, published in 1985
Archive reference: TGA200414/7/3 Audio Arts Richard Long supplement

Side A

  • 00:00:00: Richard Long: A Moved Line
  • 00:05:11: Richard Long: Mountains To Mountains
  • 00:17:17: Richard Long: A Straight Northward Walk Across Dartmoor
  • 00:27:26: Richard Long: The Isle of Wight as Six Walks

Side B

  • 00:00:00: Richard Long: A Four Day Walk
  • 00:05:26: Richard Long: Mississippi River Driftwood
  • 00:11:20: Richard Long: Granite Line
  • 00:23:21: Richard Long: A Five Day Walk

Conversation between William Furlong and Richard Long, February 1984, with readings of eight works by the artist.