Race Against Time App

Can you race your courageous chameleon through time to defeat the diabolical Dr. Greyscale before he sucks all the colour from the world?

Race Against Time is a game for iPhone or iPod Touch available for free download

In the year 2011Dr. Greyscale finally completes his experiments on chameleons, harnessing their incredible colour matching abilities to create ‘The Chromovacuum’. With this infernal device he plans to suck all the colour from the world and then rent tiny pieces out at a huge price.

As he turns on the machine, one plucky chameleon (you!) manages to escape and leap through a time portal to 1890. Your mission? To race through time collecting ‘Chromoparticles’ of colour power from as many major modern art movements as you can. With these ‘Chromos’ you can overload the machine and save the world.

Want to supercharge your chameleon? Activate Turbo mode at Tate Modern to harness the energy from thousands of modern and contemporary artworks. Jump higher to reach those extra chromos or kill your enemies with your tongue. Can you collect enough to stop Greyscale before his machine destroys all colour forever?


Download the Race Against Time app from iTunes.

For Race Against Time support please email apps@tate.org.uk


  •  12 unique, beautifully detailed levels, inspired by 121 years of modern art
  • Immersive time-travelling soundtrack (don’t miss the 80s synth)
  • 22 bizarre and brutal enemies to defeat and dodge
  • 30 achievements to unlock
  • 36 Chromos to collect
  • Grab INVISIBILITY and PAINT BOMB power-ups to destroy and outsmart foes
  • Visit Tate Modern to activate TURBO MODE: supercharging your jump and unlocking the deadly TONGUE ATTACK
  • Explore Tate’s timeline of modern art in full