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Behind the scenes: painting conservation

Have you ever wondered what happens in our conservation studio?

In the Studio: PATTERNITY

Patternity open the doors to their London studio to discuss their collaborations, and finding inspiration everywhere

5 Steps to Fighting History

Unravel History Painting through battles, floods, protests, myths and propaganda from the 1700s to the present day

Who is Barbara Hepworth?

With the major retrospective at Tate Britain just weeks away, learn about Barbara Hepworth's life, work and legacy

A Modern World: The Sculptor, The Landscape, The Architect

Curator Inga Fraser follows in Barbara Hepworth's footsteps in the run-up to our Tate Britain retrospective

Who is Sonia Delaunay?

With the Sonia Delaunay exhibition now open at Tate Modern, read an introduction to the artist's life and work

How the Bauhaus influenced photography

The Modern Lens at Tate St Ives explores developments in international photography from the 1920s to the 1960s. Discover how the Bauhaus school influenced photographers such as Horacio Coppola

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Fashion icons of the art world

With London Fashion Week upon us, take a look at our slideshow of artists exercising extreme chic and creative flair for some outfit inspiration