Stephen Shore Instagram 21 January 2015
Stephen Shore, 21st January 2015

In the third of our series on Instagram, Stephen Shore shares what he likes about the platform. Cited as an influence by Martin Parr, Nan Goldin and Andreas Gursky, Shore's pioneering use of colour photography to document real, everyday America spanning several decades, secured his place as one of the 21st century's most influential contributors to visual culture

Stephen Shore 11 November 2014
Stephen Shore, 11 November 2014

There are three qualities I love about Instagram. First is its notational aspect. By this I mean it celebrates images that are diaristic, that are brief glances, that are visual jottings, that are one-liners. It accepts complexity, but doesn’t demand it. 

Stephen Shore 22 October 2014
Stephen Shore, 22nd October 2014


The second feature that I love is Instagram’s sense of community. There are a group of people whose posts I always anticipate seeing; and, who I know are looking at my posts. I keep the number I follow manageable so that I can see every post. There are people I’ve come across through Instagram, people I’ve never met, who I feel are now friends. We are part of a conversation.

Third, Instagram is fun.

Stephen Shore 16 February 2015
Stephen Shore, 16 February 2015


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