Tom Skipp instagram feed Resentment rides high
@tomskipp Resentment rides high

Art Director Tom Skipp reveals how images are integrated in to his everyday life and working practice, producing a visual record of his observations around the globe

Tom Skipp Instagram feed Elegantly drifting into adulthood
@tomskipp Elegantly drifting into adulthood

I use my Instagram feed as an inner dialogue played out in public.

When I post an image I want it to contain something that is unexpected, slightly disjointed and part of my life-narrative that runs through the stream of images that make up my feed. This can be throwaway as it’s responsive to my life events, or almost ‘Nonumental’ - a grand statement that alludes to undercurrents or feelings that pervade my daily existence.

I like to play with words in my posts, they can be touching, crass, sensitive, open, playful, all giving the image a sense of ‘other’. With all the playfulness in the world that is contained within my images I take it seriously.

Tom Skipp Instagram feed Falling apart
@tomskipp Falling apart
Tom Skipp Instagram feed Paris fashion weak, Jeff Koons knew nothing
@tomskipp Paris fashion weak, Jeff Koons knew nothing.

My feed and my life are one. Someone close to me said that they can’t follow me as I’m too honest. If you know me and follow me, you can tell what state my mind is in. Although I do think I come across more melancholic on Instagram than in real life! Another person said that I met through Instagram that I’m much more happy in person! My creative work is now intertwined with my Instagram feed whereas before I was taking photos to inspire my work, now my work is my Instagram photos, and that is also me.

Tom Skipp Instagram feed no comment
Tom Skipp Instagram feed Whoops, there goes summer
@tomskipp Whoops, there goes summer

Instagram has integrated perfectly into popular culture - irrelevant and important in equal measure, wholly consumable and at the grasp of westernised masses. I wrestle with this in whether to be populist or anti-culture. Images are instantly seen and spat out but also nurtured and loved by the community that you have built through a visual common ground. It’s a porthole that you can access and give to people throughout the world, whether you’re in London, Kigali, Rwanda or New York. I can’t see me giving it up soon.

Tom Skipp Instagram feed Lay it on the lake and let it sail
@tomskipp Lay it on the lake and let it sail
Tom Skipp Instagram feed Happy weekend to one and all
@tomskipp Happy weekend to one and all

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Sabine Korth's picture

Compliments Tom, in more than one aspect we are kind of soul mates ;-) I am really glad, that I discovered your feed. Not by chance, but by meaningful coincidence. Greetings from Tuscany. Sabine