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    The lead singer of the band British Sea Power, Yan, reveals why he loves Lowry, the man and humanist - daily tragedies and all

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    Michael Symmons Roberts

    A poet who grew up with Lowry’s popular prints in the family home and his mother’s stories about 'Lowry-like people' on the streets of Manchester...

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    Cécilia Lyon

    A little-known oil sketch by L.S. Lowry's teacher Adolphe Valette was recently discovered in the Tate archive. Valette's biographer tells the story...

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    Shirley Baker

    Celebrated documentary photographer Shirley Baker captured the same areas in Manchester and Salford that L.S. Lowry painted. Here, she talks about...

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    Wilhelm Sasnal

    Polish painter Wilhelm Sasnal finds the sublime, the symbolic and memories of his childhood in the paintings of L.S. Lowry

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    Simon Marshall

    A friend of L.S. Lowry in the 1960s remembers the artist and his cheeky sense of humour