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    Alex Taylor

    Sue Fuller’s String Composition 128 1964 testifies to the often overlooked influence of craft traditions on the development of modernist abstraction.

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    We are grateful to Alex Taylor for his development of this project, and to Frances Follin and Christina Weyl for their valuable contributions to...

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    Frances Follin

    Sue Fuller was enthused by the use of string in the art of non-Western cultures but believed that string art needed to be adapted to twentieth...

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    Alex Taylor

    In 1961 Sue Fuller wrote a letter to Whitney Museum of American Art curator Lloyd Goodrich, inviting him to her exhibition of ‘new strings’.[fn...

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    Christina Weyl

    In 1946 Sue Fuller’s engraving and soft ground etching Hen 1945 (fig.1) won first prize in the Graphic Arts Show held at the Village Art Center in...

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    Alex Taylor

    String Composition 128 (fig.1) weaves together multiple synthetic threads to create an intricate abstract pattern of intersecting diagonals. The...

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    James Finch

    The trajectory of Barnett Newman’s Adam 1951, 1952 (Tate T01091), from its display in a disastrous exhibition to its acquisition by a major...

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    Michael Leja

    The title of Barnett Newman’s painting Adam 1951, 1952 (Tate T01091; fig.1) aligns it with a cluster of other pictures by the artist...

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    Michael Schreyach

    Critics, scholars and public audiences alike recognise that Barnett Newman’s body of work comprises some of the most challenging examples of...

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    Michael Schreyach

    In late 1947 – not long after the atrocities of the Second World War and just four years before he began painting Adam 1951, 1952 (Tate T01091;...

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    Michael Schreyach

    I wish to declare … an eloquence that means what it says, that gives life to mud. Barnett Newman, 1965[fn]Barnett Newman, ‘From Exhibition of the...

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    Michael Schreyach

    The American abstract expressionist artist Barnett Newman considered his painting Adam 1951, 1952 a major achievement in his efforts to visualise...

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    We are grateful to Michael Schreyach for his development of this project, and to James Finch and Michael Leja for their valuable contributions...

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    Sophie Halart

    As an Argentine artist based in New York for most of the second half of the twentieth century, Liliana Porter’s work has reflected the dominant...

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    Sophie Halart

    In an analysis of Liliana Porter’s work, critic and curator Inés Katzenstein remarks on its ability to never quite fit into any fixed category: [W...

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    We are grateful to Sophie Halart for her development of this project, and to Allen Fisher for his valuable contribution to the research.Sophie...

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    Allen Fisher

    Emmett Williams was a poet and performance artist who worked with a variety of artists, often as part of the amorphous conceptual art group Fluxus,...

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    Sophie Halart

    Following her move to New York in 1964, Liliana Porter studied printmaking at the Pratt Graphic Arts Center in Manhattan. It was while attending...

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    Sophie Halart

    The Argentine artist Liliana Porter has developed a multifaceted body of work since the 1960s, using engraving, photography, installation and...

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    Sophie Halart

    Liliana Porter’s Wrinkle 1968 recasts printmaking as a conceptual art form rather than a labour-intensive craft.

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