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    Jessica Lack

    Arts writer Jessica Lack looks at how jokes and satire have impacted the cultural politics of art

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    Cedar Lewisohn, Brian Griffiths, Paul Gravett, Simon Thorp

    Rude Britannia: British Comic Art:, Tate Britain’s forthcoming exhibition exploring the riotous history of humour in British visual culture over...

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    Harry Hill

    Painting is a hobby for me. My wife is a proper artist and tells me I’m not supposed to say that, but I’m not afraid of being looked down on. I’d...

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    Bernard Marcadé

    In 1947 Magritte gave up what he called his ‘tactile conformism’ partly to distance himself from the rigours of Parisian surrealism. He painted a...

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    John Carlin

    William Hogarth was one of the founders of a satire that led all the way to the modern comic book and was described as the grandfather of the...

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    Katharina Fritsch

    During a visit to Tate Britain, Katharina Fritsch finds herself ‘sucked into’ the allure and eccentric character of J.M.W. Turner’s War. The Exile...