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    Lily Bonesso

    Tate's Archives and Access projecthas digitised some fascinating, previously-unpublished archives of key British artists. We have pulled out three...

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    Shirana Shahbazi, Raphael Montañez Ortíz

    In celebration of the reopening of Tate Britain, Tate Etc. invited a selection of artists from around the world to choose a favoured work from a...

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    Edward Platt

    Royalist, revolutionary, pacifist, arms dealer, Communist, right-wing extremist, con man and traitor. Who was Gerald Hamilton (c.1888–1970)? He...

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    Susie Gauntlett

    On a visit to the Tate Archive, Susie Gauntlett discovers a postcard written by a young Lucian Freud.

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    Jenny Seton

    The daughter of the St Ives-based artist Denis Mitchell once played with a doll’s house made by Ben Nicholson, which now resides in Tate archive

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    Michelle Cotton

    In her exploration of the Design Research Unit, one of the first British design consultants, Michelle Cotton unearths an unrealistic car...

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    William R. Shea

    An instrument can change the world and compel us to rethink our place in the universe. The telescope did just this, but only when it was used by...

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    Joe Dunthorne

    On his first visit to the Tate archive, the London-based writer Joe Dunthorne finds a Christmas card from Grayson Perry that reflects the artist’s...

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    Henrietta Garnett

    Henrietta Garnett, a regular visitor to the Tate archive, recognises two painted calendars done by her grandmother Vanessa Bell.

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    Margaret Drabble, Shirin Spencer, Nina Williams, Veronica Gosling, David Page, Louisa Buck

    Tate Archive 40th Anniversary Special: highlights from artists' archives acquired in recent years are selected by family, friends and admirers

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    Jacob Polley

    The author finds an intriguing nineteenth-century photograph in the Tate Archive

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    Travis Elborough

    In his first visit to the Tate archive, Travis Elborough finds his mind going pleasurably adrift over a photograph of two unidentified men by the...

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    Tishani Doshi

    Inspired by her mother's love letters to her father, Tishani Doshi reads the moving correspondence in the Tate archive between Vanessa and Clive...

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    Hari Kunzru

    The radical 1960s English group King Mob called themselves the ‘gangsters of the new freedom’, and combined hard-edged politics with the disruptive...

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    Paul Bailey

    In his first visit to the Tate archive, the writer Paul Bailey is surprised to find an early painted sketch by a much admired English artist

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    George Shaw

    George Shaw sketched his father for several decades, until his death last year. Prompted by a visit to the Tate stores to view Henry Lamb’s...

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    Paul Simmons

    On a visit to the Tate archive, Paul Simmons discovers a book from 1928 that points the way for a current decorative revival.

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    John Burnside

    In his second visit to the Tate archive, John Burnside reflects on the death certificate of Kurt Schwitters.

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    John Burnside

    In his first visit to the Tate archive, John Burnside communes with the paintbox of Paul Nash

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    Adrian Glew

    Wassily Kandinsky's ground-breaking theoretical publication Concerning the Spiritual in Art (1912), with its emphasis on colours as "vibrations of...

Showing 1-20 of 29 results