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    Who are they? Guerrilla Girls are an all female collective who remain anonymous by wearing gorilla masks and naming themselves after famous dead...

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    See in the new year right and discover ways to a new you with a little inspiration from art in our collection

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    The acclaimed poet Christopher Reid reflects on The Garden Enclosed 1924, currently on display at Tate Britain, which may have been influenced by...

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    Andrew Wilson

    What does it mean to be a painter today? Five artists who work with paint in varying ways and for different ends give us a glimpse into new...

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    Philip Hoare

    Filmed in the waters where Herman Melville conceived Moby-Dick, Leviathan - screening at Tate Modern this week - captures the 'clash...

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    James Attlee

    Ninety per cent of the world’s oceans remain unexplored, fuelling our fascination for and fear of the sea for centuries, even as we have discovered...

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    Ed Atkins

    In celebration of the reopening of Tate Britain, Tate Etc. invited a selection of artists from around the world to choose a favoured work from a...

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    Jessica Lack

    Arts writer Jessica Lack looks at how jokes and satire have impacted the cultural politics of art

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    Laura McLean-Ferris

    The first commission for the East Tank is by the notable South Korean artist Sung Hwan Kim (born 1975), who combines video, music, sculpture, light...

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    Marina Warner

    When Charles Dodgson – more widely known as Lewis Carroll – made drawings in the early 1960s for his book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, he was...

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    Desmond Morris

    The celebrated zoologist and Surrealist painter shared his first London exhibition with Miró – and introduced him to a snake at London Zoo

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    Brian Dillon

    As the Polish artist undertakes the tenth Unilever Series commission in Tate Modern's Turbine Hall this autumn, he reveals how family memories and...

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    Massimiliano Gioni

    When Chinese artist Huang Yong Ping was forced to expel the beasties that inhabited his Theater of the World he complained that ‘animal rights were...

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    Christy Lange

    When, in 2003, magician David Blaine starved himself in a Plexiglas box suspended above the Thames, hecklers pelted him with kebabs. In 2004 Mark...

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    Francis Wells, Alexa de Ferranti, Desmond Morris, Dan Hays, Jim Drain

    Francis Wells on Luke Fildes's The Doctor 1891, Alexa de Ferranti on William Hogarth's The Painter and his Pug 1745, Desmond Morris on Francis...

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    Ali Smith

    Two drawings by the underrated artist Leonora Carrington, purchased by Tate, go on display at Tate Modern for the first time.

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    Aleksandra Mir

    Artist Aleksandra Mir reflects on her experience of working with Pierre Huyghe

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    Dexter Dalwood, Nancy Ireson

    Dexter Dalwood and Nancy Ireson explore the enduring influence and legacy of the self-taught French artist Henri Rousseau

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    Kathleen Jamie

    Kathleen Jamie writes a poem exclusively for Tate Etc. inspired by Rousseau's painting The Merry Jesters 1906

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    Roy R. Behrens

    In 1896 the American artist Abbott H. Thayer published an article on how animals protected themselves with the use of graduated colours. However,...

Showing 1-20 of 22 results