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    Lily Bonesso

    With London Fashion Week starting today, what better time to pay homage to the fashionistas of the Tate Collection? Take a look at our slideshow of...

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    Raphael Oyelade

    Art galleries and museums, as well as policy makers and educationalists, often talk about the need to encourage new young audiences through their...

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    Kirstie Beaven

    Have you ever wished you could have a secret robot alter ego? Or that you could wander around a gallery alone late at night? Well, now you can...

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    Simon Grant

    The leading British sculptor Richard Deacon (born 1949), who first gained international prominence in the early 1980s, is the subject of an...

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    Nicholas Fox-Weber

    The diverse works of one of the most inventive and best-loved artists of the twentieth century, often done in series, are being brought together...

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    Chris Stephens

    Spread over twenty rooms, Tate Britain director Penelope Curtis’s vision for the extensive rehang hinges around a chronological display from the...

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    Jane Burton, Jennifer Mundy

    Jennifer Mundy, Head of Collection Research, and Jane Burton, Head of Content and Creative Director at Tate, invite you to explore for one last...

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    Simon Grant

    An historic manuscript, two smashed up Range Rovers and William Morris throwing a giant yacht into the lagoon…This year's Venice Biennale is one of...

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    Sophie Bowness

    The recently opened Hepworth Wakefield gallery includes an impressive selection of Barbara Hepworth’s relatively unknown plaster and aluminium...

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    Klaus Weber, Ian Collins, Clare Woods, Josephine Meckseper

    Reflections on a work in the Tate collection

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    Jenny Seton

    The daughter of the St Ives-based artist Denis Mitchell once played with a doll’s house made by Ben Nicholson, which now resides in Tate archive

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    Clarrie Wallis

    To coincide with Mike Nelson representing Britain at the 54th Venice Biennale of Art, Tate curator Clarrie Wallis talks to the artist about his...

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    Iria Candela

    Joan Miró’s first visits to Paris in the early 1920s affected his work so much that today art historians often overlook the influence of his other...

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    Mario Vargas Llosa

    During the research for his novel The Way to Paradise, which interweaves the life of Gauguin with that of his half-Peruvian grandmother Flora...

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    Simon Grant

    The Dutch painter Piet Mondrian (1872–1944) is regarded as one of the most important artists of the twentieth century. His characteristic canvases...

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    Simon Grant

    Carol Rama, the Italian self-taught artist born in 1918, has only recently gained international recognition for her highly erotic, visceral works....

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    Jonathan Harris

    Jonathan Harris interprets Tate Liverpool’s comprehensive rehang, and how it shows many of the works in the collection in a new context. Much of...

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    In his first visit to the Tate archive, Lawrence Norfolk searches out some footwear-related items.

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    Paul Farley

    Some things are truly lost. Bad diets generate little documentary evidence, just the fuzziness of the anecdotal; soup kitchens don’t keep comment...