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    Robert Macfarlane

    Other traditions run through depictions of the British landscape, below and beyond romantic idealisations. Here, Robert Macfarlane traces a history...

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    Tim Batchelor

    William Hogarth (1697–1764) died at his house in Leicester Fields during the night of 25 October 1764. He had been ill for over a month and...

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    Sam Thorne, Artistic Director of Tate St Ives, asks co-curators Sara Matson and Rachel Smith of International Exchanges - an ...

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    Stephanie Straine

    As a new response to the First World War practice of dazzle painting is unveiled at Tate Liverpool, Assistant Curator Stephanie Straine finds links...

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    Hannah Lyons

    Tate Britain's Ruin Lust exhibition forges new relationships between historical and contemporary artworks which focus on the use of ruins...

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    Tony Crowley

    Inspired by Tate Liverpool’s Keywords: Art Society and Culture in 1980s Britain exhibition, academic, writer and native born ‘scouser’ Tony...

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    Simon Payne, Andrew Vallance

    Independent curators Simon Payne and Andrew Vallance investigate the recent rise of film and video art in Britain, and how it's charted in...

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    The lead singer of the band British Sea Power, Yan, reveals why he loves Lowry, the man and humanist - daily tragedies and all